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Get more from your system with RAA’s optional extras

From CCTV to door and window sensors, RAA has a range of nifty features you can add to your security system. No matter the size or layout of your place, or the needs of your household, we'll help tailor the best system to suit your home and family.

Our range of quality equipment includes:

Door and window sensors

These sensors only trigger the alarm when a door or window is opened, allowing you to move around in the house while still providing protection for you and your family.

CCTV security cameras

Upgrade your security system with a digital surveillance camera package, with two cameras, recorder and accessories. Any activity will be recorded on a hard drive.

Additional codepad

Add an extra codepad to your back door, garden shed or upstairs for added convenience.

Heavy duty weatherproof keysafe

A keysafe allows trusted friends, relatives and emergency services to easily access your home. It's also a handy backup if you've lost your keys or left them inside.

External siren and flashing strobe light

A siren and flashing light act as deterrents to potential intruders and alert the neighbourhood that your alarm's been triggered.

Keychain remote control

A portable, handy control that attaches to your keyring, allowing you to arm and disarm your security system without needing to punch in a code. When you're at home, it can also act as a panic button, setting off your alarm in case of an emergency.

Pet-friendly motion sensors

Detect intruders while ignoring pets up to 25kg, so your four-legged friends can roam around the house while the alarm is armed.

Tamper-proof locks for your power supply

Secure your power supply from tampering while still allowing SA Power Networks (SAPN) to access your meter using an SAPN-approved padlock and hasp.

Wireless repeater

This helpful device increases the range of your wireless security devices so you can protect other buildings on your property, like a granny flat.

Wireless smoke detector

If triggered, wireless smoke detectors not only alert anyone in the house, but they'll also be detected by our monitoring centre. We’ll get in touch with the designated contact and if we can’t get through, we’ll contact emergency services. This could be crucial if no one is home.


The features listed above are available at an additional cost and do not form part of any RAA standard installation and monitoring package.  

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