• What causes a car battery to drain overnight?

    Your battery can gradually discharge if a radio or interior light is left on, and a fully charged battery will go flat in 4 or 5 hours if the headlights remain on overnight. There are some functions that the car keeps running even when the engine is turned off – like your clock, radio presets and security alarm. If there’s an electrical problem, this may cause the battery to drain more quickly too.

  • Why do batteries often fail in really hot or really cold weather?

    It seems we’re not the only ones who struggle with extreme weather… some batteries don’t like summer or winter either. These are usually the type of batteries that require maintenance – namely, filling up the distilled water levels inside. Hot weather can reduce the water levels more quickly, causing internal damage. Luckily, RAA batteries are maintenance-free, so you never need to top them up. However, the heat also affects the chemical balance inside a battery, which can lead to faster deterioration, while cold weather can slow down the reaction leading to sluggish performance.

  • How can I tell if my battery is weak?

    Over time, your battery will disintegrate as the acid inside slowly corrodes the internal components. Unfortunately, you probably won’t get much warning before it dies, but a mechanic – or RAA Patrol – can do a health check with an electronic battery tester. 

  • What should I look for when buying a new battery?

    If it’s time to replace your battery, make sure you check the manufacturer’s specifications and buy a battery with the same – or higher – Cold Cranking Amps (CCA). Buy from a reputable supplier and check the written warranty covers full replacement. Call RAA on 8202 4689 and we’ll tell you what battery you need – our Patrols will come and replace your existing battery for you at no extra cost. Plus, we’ll dispose of it safely.

  • My battery light’s come on – do I need a new one?

    Not necessarily. When the battery light comes on, it’s usually due to the electrical system in the car. An RAA Patrol can diagnose the issue and also inspect your battery.

  • What’s the white powdery build-up around my batteries? Is it safe?

    Don’t be alarmed – this can happen to any battery over time due to the corrosion of metals. To remedy this, the terminals on your battery should be cleaned and the battery connections tightened at every service. Make sure you use a memory minder when you disconnect terminals to keep the electrical system powered up. Otherwise, you might lose your radio and clock settings, fuel consumption data, anti-theft, climate control settings, and more.

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