• Which government agencies oversee and work with the fuel industry in SA and Australia?

    In SA, the key bodies are:

    Nationally, you can refer to:

  • Where can I find more information on the fuel industry and market?

    There are a number of great resources available for consumers. We recommend:

  • How can I be sure I’m getting the amount of fuel in my tank that the bowser says?

    Since 2010, the Federal Government’s National Measurement Institute has been responsible for testing fuel bowsers to ensure fuel sold is measured accurately. If you want additional information, or to make a complaint against a retailer, you can visit the National Measurement Institute, or call our Technical Advisory Service.

  • Is the fuel I’m buying checked for quality?

    In January 2004, the Federal Government phased in fuel standards for petrol and diesel covering unleaded petrol, premium unleaded, E10, diesel, autogas (LPG) and biodiesel. They also aligned certain standards to those in Europe, targeting fuels which have a direct impact on the environment. The Federal Government’s Fuel Quality Standards site can provide you with more information. 

    If you’ve got a complaint or a claim for compensation due to poor quality fuel, you’ll need to contact Consumer and Business Services.


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