• Why do I need insurance?

    Insurance can protect you from financial loss if, for example, your car or home and/or its contents are damaged, destroyed or stolen, and can also cover you if your actions cause damage to another person or another person’s property. So, if you don’t have insurance, the cost of replacement or fixing damages could be substantial. Even if you think your car, home or possessions aren’t worth much, it’s important to consider the cost to repair or replace someone else’s property. There are different types of insurance cover, so make sure to assess what’s right for you.

  • What is an excess?

    An excess is the amount of money you have to contribute if you make a claim under your insurance policy. There’s a Basic Excess (also known as a removable or voluntary excess), that you can choose from a number of different amounts when you take out a policy. There are also some that may apply to you that are non-removable. For example, if you’re under a certain age, you may have to pay a non-removable age excess on your comprehensive car insurance. We may choose to waive the excess you would otherwise need to pay on a claim in some instances, like if you’re not at fault and can supply the details of the other party involved.

  • What is a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)?

    A PDS explains the details, terms and conditions of insurance policy. To ensure you are getting the right cover, please read the PDS before taking out a policy.

  • Can I change my excess?

    Yes, you can change your  Basic Excess at any time. Keep in mind that it may affect your premium.

  • Do I have to pay my insurance premium in a lump sum?

    We have lots of payment options to make it easier for you to manage the payment of your insurance premium. We offer monthly direct debit from a credit card or bank account for no extra cost.


  • What’s a no-claim bonus?

    If you haven't made a claim on your insurance, this is rewarded through a no claims discount on your premium. The discount increases each year no claim is made until you reach a maximum of a rating 1 which you'll keep for life with RAA at no extra cost, regardless of any future claims.

  • How do I lodge a claim?

    You can lodge your claim online through the My Account portal if you have Comprehensive Car Insurance or a Home and/or Contents insurance policy. For any other insurance claim, you can call us on 8202 4575. All claims are handled right here in SA and you’ll always talk to a local. 
  • When can I discuss my policy with RAA?

    You can call us Monday to Friday from 8am–6pm, or on Saturday from 9am–noon. You can also use the links below to send us an email and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can. Otherwise, use the Find an RAA Shop page to find your nearest Shop and view its opening hours. 

  • Do any fees apply if I cancel my insurance policy?

    No. If you’ve paid in full we’ll refund the balance for the remainder of that policy year (above $20). If you pay by direct debit we’ll stop taking payments before the next one is due; however, we won’t refund the partial amount for the month the policy is cancelled.

  • Are discounts available for policy holders?

    We offer a multi-policy discount if you hold at least three RAA insurance policies in the same name (excluding travel insurance). That means you’ll get 10% off each policy. Plus, we also offer discounts when you hold other RAA products, including Road Service and Security. 

  • How to make a complaint or provide feedback:

    We take customer satisfaction seriously. Please contact RAA Insurance if you have a complaint with any of the following:

    • one of our insurance products;
    • our service, including our authorised representatives, loss adjusters or investigators; or,
    • our complaints handling service.

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