• Is my Personal Alert System connected to my home phone?

    No, it’s connected wirelessly via the 3G network to our Monitoring Emergency Response Centre. This means there are no additional telephone fees, and any associated running costs are included in your monthly monitoring rate. It also means that if you’re using your home land line and there’s an emergency, you can use your system. 

  • What’s the turnaround time for installation?

    We’ll aim to contact you to make an installation booking within 2 business days, and usually come out within 5 business days. We understand that sometimes there’s some urgency, so have a chat to us about your needs. 

  • What’s the range of the base unit’s voice detection in my home?

    The speaker can generally be heard in most rooms of the house, depending on your home, of course. If we can’t hear you or don’t get a response, we’ll automatically send an ambulance.

  • What’s the range of the emergency pendant or watch from the base unit?

    The manufacturer says it’s about 150m in the open air, so it will be slightly less inside your home. When we come and set it up, we’ll test it out so you know.

  • How many pendants and/or watches can run off the one base unit?

    Up to 16. Your Personal Alert System comes with one pendant or watch, and you can purchase extras for other members of your household – or as a backup – for $63 each. 

  • Will my unit work if there’s a power outage?

    Unlike some other options on the market, your Personal Alert System can work off a battery for up to 70 hours if it’s fully charged – that’s almost 3 days.

  • What happens if I get a low battery warning from my Personal Alert System?

    The batteries in the watches and pendants last for up to 6 years, so you’ll get a lot of wear from each device. However, as the batteries can’t be replaced, you’ll need to get a new watch or pendant if yours isn’t working anymore.

  • What are the safeguards for power surges?

    Each one of our PAS units has a special internal power surge protector.

  • What standards do RAA’s Personal Alert Systems comply with?

    We make sure our members are equipped with the best products and services possible. Our systems fully comply with Australian Standards (AS4607/AS2999 – Personal Response Systems), and are manufactured to the internationally recognised quality standard ISO9001. 

  • Can I buy a Personal Alert System without monitoring?

    Our units are pre-programmed to report to our monitoring centre, so they won’t be compatible with any other provider. 

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