• Can I have a monitored alarm if I have a pet?

    Yes, your alarm system can be tailored to include pet-friendly detectors, which allow small pets (under 25kg) to roam around your home while the system is armed.

  • Can I still have my alarm monitored by RAA even if it was installed by another provider?

    Absolutely, although we'll need to assess whether it's compatible. If it's not, we may be able to suggest some alterations to make it compatible.

  • Will my alarm system work if the power goes out?

    Every RAA alarm system includes a back-up battery, which will automatically take over during a power outage. When the main power returns, the battery will start recharging.

  • What happens when my alarm is triggered?

    First, our monitoring centre will call the numbers you’ve nominated to check if it’s a false alarm. If we can’t reach you, or if we find out it’s the real deal, a security patrol will be sent to your home. Visit our Home Security monitoring page for full details. 
  • What happens when my alarm is triggered and I’m away?

    We can supply and install a keysafe, so trusted people can access your keys when you’re not there. With your authorisation, our monitoring centre will securely hold the keysafe pin code in case we need to access your home and it'll only be accessed in the event of an alarm.

  • What’s the lead time between accepting a quote and getting my system installed?

    Generally, we aim to get your system installed within 1-2 weeks of you accepting our quote. We know that sometimes things are more urgent though, so have a chat to us about your options. Once our technician is there, it should only take about a day to install.

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