• What is Emberpulse?

    Emberpulse® is an energy advice, monitoring and visualisation platform that provides real time information regarding your energy consumption, production and spend. It provides factual information on the best time to invest in either solar and/or batteries storage, pinpoints the right size system and always ensures you’re on the best retail electricity plan maximising your energy spend.

  • If I move house can I take Emberpulse with me?

    No, unfortunately the Emberpulse® is hard wired into your home’s fuse box, therefore it is fixed to the property. If you do move you can always install an Emberpulse® system in your new home.

  • Why does Emberpulse need to be connected to my Wi-Fi modem?

    The Embermeter® and Emberpulse® need to communicate with each other. Emberpulse® also needs to upload data so it is viewable on your PC and mobile App.

  • How much data does Emberpulse use when it’s connected to my modem?

    Embermeter® will use approximately 500MBs of data per month as it transfers your energy usage and/or storage data to Embertec® for display on your mobile App.

  • Can anyone else see my energy data?

    As your account is discrete to you, requiring your personal sign on, you are the only person who can see your energy usage via your App. You are the owner of your data but allow Embertec® and RAA the right to manage your data for the purpose of energy monitoring, recommendations and support. Embertec® stores all data within Australia and cannot on sell your data to other entities or countries. All data including user profiles is encrypted to a high level of security utilising 128 bit encryption similar to that used within the finance industry.

  • What is the $500 saving guarantee?

    Embertec®, the company behind Emberpulse® guarantees to identify at least $500 in energy savings within three years of installation. This is calculated by using your original electricity plan as a base reference for the savings. If Emberpulse® does not identify $500 in savings, you can return Emberpulse® and receive a refund for the difference between $500 and the savings identified.

  • Why does Emberpulse change colour?

    The changing colour provides real time visual feedback on your energy consumption and/or solar production. A green Emberpulse® indicates that it’s now cheapest to use power. A red Emberpulse® indicates power is currently expensive.

  • What is the Emberiq plug?

    The Emberiq® smartplug has two benefits.

    a. It can be used to boost the signal strength between Emberpulse® and the Embermeter® in your electrical fuse box.

    b. You can plug appliances directly into the Emberiq® smartplug to remotely monitor and turn the appliance on/off via the Emberpulse® App.

  • My Emberpulse App is not working?

    Ensure your device is connected to your Wi-Fi. Ensure you have the latest operating software and App on your device. Refresh you App and/or turn your phone off then on. If the App is still not working please contact Embertec® on:

    Phone: 1300 033 367
    Email: support@emberpulse.com
    Web: www.emberpulse.com

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