• Will workers be tracked all the time?

    No; RAA’s SafeZone App will only share a location with the RAA’s monitoring centre when one of the three alert buttons is pressed: Emergency, First Aid or Help. We’ll also be contacted if the Check-In Timer function is used.

    An alert or Check-In Timer can be cancelled at any time.

  • FAQ Where does SafeZone work?

    RAA’s SafeZone App will work on mainland Australia and in Tasmania.

    Internet and voice connections are required to run SafeZone effectively and both WiFi and cellular data are both supported. If, for some reason, a connection isn’t available when the alarm is raised, the app will attempt to send the alert to RAA’s monitoring centre via SMS.

  • What if a button is accidentally pressed?

    When any of the three RAA SafeZone alert buttons are tapped, a timer circle is shown winding down.

    If an alert button is accidentally pressed, it can be cancelled by tapping the button again while the timer is winding down.

    Even after an alert has been sent it can still be cancelled, but the monitoring centre will contact the worker to make sure everything’s okay.

  • What happens if a worker can’t answer the call from the monitoring centre?

    Depending on the situation and the response plan you’ve prepared with us, nominated contacts and/or emergency services will be contacted.
  • Will the app drain my phone’s battery?

    We’ve optimised the app to minimise battery use so it shouldn’t impact the standby battery life on your smartphone. You may notice some impact to your battery life if you’re continuously using the check-in timer and when the app is running in the foreground of your phone. 
  • When should the Emergency button be used?

    Press the emergency button if you feel your personal safety is at risk. For medical assistance, it’s best to use the First Aid button. You’ll then receive a phone call from our monitoring centre to determine the exact nature of the situation and we’ll organise help. Note: if you can’t access WiFi or cellular data, but can send text messages, your phone will send an SMS to alert us. 
  • When should the Help button be used?

    The Help button is to notify our monitoring centre that some form of help is needed; for example, you might want to report suspicious activity. We’ll act in accordance with the response plan we’ve set up with you.
  • What happens if an alert isn’t received by the monitoring centre?

    You’ll be able to see the status of your request in the app, so you’ll know we’ve got your request when you see ‘Alert Acknowledged’. The next step is for us to call the worker and check in with them. At any stage, the request can be cancelled OR the worker can call us and this includes if for some reason you don’t see the status change. We’ll still check in with the worker if the request is cancelled.

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