• What causes a car battery to drain overnight?

    A battery will gradually discharge if a radio or interior light is left on, and a fully charged battery will go flat within 4 to 5 hours if the headlights remain on overnight. Parasitic drain, or key-off drain, is a cumulative effect caused by electrical devices like radio presets, alarm systems, clocks and door locking systems, which continue to use power while the engine is off.
  • What is a Starting battery?

    Starting batteries are designed to start a vehicle by providing a large amount of power over a short period of time.
  • What is a Deep Cycle battery?

    Usually rated in Amp Hours, Deep Cycle batteries are designed to produce a small amount of power over a long period of time, and to be drained and then recharged. They're ideal for powering camping accessories like lights, fridges, radios etc., but they're not designed to produce the amount of current needed to start a vehicle.

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