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Get to know SA roads and rules

You might have been driving in your home country for years, but moving overseas brings a whole new set of road rules and driving considerations.

RAA provides free sessions to migrants to help you get up to speed and feel confident on our roads.

What’s covered?

There are three free sessions on offer:

1. Keeping left

If you’re from overseas and want to get a South Australian driver’s licence, or convert your current licence to an SA one, there are several important things you’ll need to know. The Keeping Left presentation covers this and more, including:

  • registration and insurance;
  • choosing a safe car;
  • the fatal five; and,
  • what to do after a crash.
2. Wheels

The Wheels presentation provides information on buying a second-hand vehicle, including:

  • where to buy – private, dealer or auction;
  • what to look for when choosing a car;
  • inspecting a car;
  • signing a contract;
  • warranties; and,
  • transfer of ownership and insurance.
3. Road Rules Quiz

The Road Rules Quiz is an interactive presentation that covers both general road rules and give way rules. Each participant receives a ‘clicker’ at the presentation to record their answers; the group’s responses are then displayed in real-time on the screen. The presentation covers:

  • often misunderstood road rules;
  • new road rules; and,
  • what to do after a crash.

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