In the early 1900s, the founding members of RAA successfully lobbied the Adelaide City Council to raise the speed limit from 8mph (about 13km/h) to an eye-watering 10mph (about 19km/h). Further petitioning led to improved road conditions around tricky intersections, and the installation of temporary lighting to indicate where new road surfaces had been laid. 

Although much has changed since this small group of feisty speedsters helped introduce motoring to South Australia, RAA continues to be the state’s leading advocate on mobility and road safety issues, providing a voice for our members' concerns.

  • Advocating change

    RAA's committed to representing members on all matters relating to motoring and road safety. 
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    RAA's policies guide the RAA Board of Directors and staff when advocating on behalf of members.
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    RAA regularly makes submissions to the state and federal governments on mobility and road safety issues.